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Basic notions of Ayahuasca


To ask …”What is Ayahuasca, nowadays?” is certainly a question that leads to diverse answers or points of view. Some would say that is the best spirituality that nature has, in this sense you relate Ayahuasca with the notion of God. Then, the Ayahuasca is the mother of all the mothers and spirits, from Amazon mystic world. On the other hand, others would say the Ayahuasca is an extraordinary chemical substance, equivalent to a neurotransmitter or brain hormone that activates the psyche and shows all the infinite human potentiality. The traditional use of Ayahuasca is like a PLANT THAT TEACHES for the prediction, diagnosis and treatment of illnesses in ceremonial contexts. The Ayahuasca causes different states of mind, healing, mystic, visionary... When one drinks Ayahuasca gets into a dimension of consciousness, where the temporal space references we are accustomed to, change radically. We get into a conscious state in which is easy to remember all our past and our present dawn on us. From the recognition of our past and present we can start a real projection of our lives.

From a distant past, Amazon ethnic groups have developed their mythology, religiousness and world view based on the consumption of Ayahuasca. The shamanic practices, the ritual ceremonies, the hunting prediction, initiation rites of transition, the decision making, problem solving of intra-familiar and intra-tribal, among others…have been also inspired in trance with Ayahuasca. This beverage is the key of empirical knowledge from all the mythological knowledge itself, religious and ethno-medical tradition from the Amazonia.

The Ayahuasqueros clearly understood the man is dependant on nature, as in medicine, food, warming, sheltering etc. The Shamans also recognized that the plants not only could have medical characteristics, but also-and above everything-spiritual ones. The Ayahuasca has an important value and meaning, not only for the primitive Amerindians but also for modern industrial society, as the extraordinary illuminated state of consciousness (trance) one can get is an authentic source of knowledge and mean to develop human consciousness to even unprecedented levels. Consensus exists to recognize the PSYCHODELIC PLANTS (Greek terminology PSIKÉ and DELOUN that means something that the brain, the spirit or the soul shows) like magic key that contact you with the spiritual world. Psychologically speaking it would be said that these plants offer us the possibility to access to the world of the unconscious. Anthropologically speaking it is said that these vegetables open a door to experience the sacred and marvelous stuff that nature posses. Nowadays great majority of experts in PSYCHONAUTIC (exploration of consciousness using psycho-actives) coincide in pointing out that enteogene substances activate mental functions that are daily asleep or inactive. This psycho-activity allows you –in a very conscious way- , precisely, to recognize and explore the confines of our memory. The mythological thought of our ancestors, was a genuine way to conceptualize the world. The perspective of the primitive thought was centered in the reality of soul or spiritual world that surely is a great reality as well, and it forms part of the human consciousness faculties. The fundamental part of this beverage, Ayahuasca, -in any case that it may be used- is its extraordinary way to pass to human consciousness the power to access to infinite ways or states of consciousness. This dizzyness has generated the construction of the Amazon world view or the theory of the world of our ancestors. The mystic or visionary mental states that Ayahuasca creates are at the same time, the mental structure base of our world view. From a distant past, Amazon ethnics have developed mythology, religiousness, shamanism, art, social politics, etc, based on the consumption of this psycho-active. The Ayahuasca holds the creative spirit, resonant energy and the power of nature. It is the fifth essence of the ancestral wisdom. The Ayahuasca allows you to develop the art of enchanting and being lost in thought and together with this, you are revealing and discovering the mystery you are. This opening is equivalent to a new dimension of consciousness. The Ayahuasca makes us be aware about the fundamental principles of our dynamism and the interrelation with nature. The plants feed not only in a material way but also –and above all- in a spiritual way. The Ayahuasca awakes in human beings the impulse for welfare and search for health. The human beings naturally have a deep wish for sense and fullness in life. Man and plant share the same energy and they are part of nature. The unfathomable mystery that attacks spontaneously generates profound respect that inspires to cleanliness, purification in all levels which is the basis for an impeccable moral behavior. The fundamental thing with Ayahuasca experiences is that you become conscious or realize about many things and since then you understand and learn which permits an evolution in the learning process of many subjects. This extensive practice of consciousness, progressive and systematic progress of accumulation of knowledge, allows you the gnoseologyc development of the person in many aspects.

Since Ayahuasca experiences, mental functions that were inactive or spoiled, activate again. From this revealed discovery of faculties and potentialities, these begin to develop. This dynamic includes the rehearsal, creation and development of internal and external senses that would of course permit the access to new mental states. It is demonstrated that everyone, previous preparation and training, can cross the infinite kingdoms of the cosmos, arrive at places where the spirit resides, beginning the process of transformation of oneself, because we all make to ourselves. The situation with Ayahuasca is an authentic source of neo-knowledge. The conscious and the mental imagery have had to do directly with the construction of the culture.

The reason of the psychodelic effects of drinking the Ayahuasca centres on the Dimetiltriptamina. The chemical structure of the DMT, is directly related to the chemical structure of hormones, or neurotransmitters, which are segregated naturally by the brain. These physiological agents fulfill a very important role in the biochemistry of the mental functioning. As well as the DMT of the Ayahuasca beverage, our own brain segregates a substance that is responsible of the night dreams. That is to say, when a person falls asleep, his brain starts segregating a chemical substance, equivalent to the DMT of the Ayahuasca, which allows, precisely, that the person should dream. The effect of drinking Ayahuasca, is at the time, approximately like to experience a dream, but while we are awake. To feel the effects of the Ayahuasca, is like to dream, but with full conscience of the content of the images and of the emotional contents that dye the dream. This is, to accede to the infinite information that our sub-conscious or spiritual world contains.

It has been the human consciousness, from immemorial times, which has been molding and developing the culture in diverse areas. The same human consciousness has been molded and developing itself up to reaching surprising levels that today we can distinguish. It is recognized that diverse cultures in the world, have elaborated and developed, complex knowledge and techniques on the managing of our consciousness. For this they used some substances made of some vegetables (as the Ayahuasca in the Amazonía) and sophisticated techniques of the ecstasy as the repetition of mantras, paces of breathing, dances, music and Icaros.