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To drink ayahuasca


On having drunk Ayahuasca, you will be able to experience diverse extraordinary states of consciousness and to develop at the same time, your movement in the following mental or spiritual spaces (dimensions):

  1. MYSTICAL - RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE The innate spiritual search is seen canalized and set on having joined the magic dimension of the Ayahuasca, which allows to feel and live through God inside oneself.
  2. REGRESSION or INTROSPECTION A deep tour across the psychic evolution, checking every stage of the life for a better comprehension.
  3. THE THERAPY OF THE MAGIC FLIGHT Traditionally, the shamanic understanding, has conceived to the static experience of drinking psychoactive substances, as the challenge of passing for dark or infernal areas, to ascend then to the sky, where the peace, the harmony or the healing exist.
  4. DEVELOPMENT OF THE MENTAL IMAGERY The creativity, inspiration and major resources to introduce things and ideas, are revealed or activated.

Characteristics of the experience with Ayahuasca


The principal topic of this experience is the exploration of your conscious or spirit, drinking the sacred mixture Ayahuasca. You will join the magic dimension of the Ayahuasca to make a spiritual trip and to ascend to unprecedented levels of consciousness. It is a question of the finding, discovery or rediscovery of the divine principle that inhabits in the deepest of our interiority. To discover and develop the mysticism that each of us has, is our proposal. The state of illuminated consciousness that you will be achieving is an authentic source of neo-knowledge and mean to develop the human consciousness.

Our magic session with Ayahuasca, summarizes as follows:

A radiant psychological stimulation happens, because it will be your own mind, which shows the infinite information that has stored. Besides the Ayahuasca will generate - the God's experience – inside your being, it is a question of the psychic excursion or exploration of your most impressive consciousness, so that you will be able to develop a SELF-PSYCHOTERAPEUTIC, in which your interior teacher will speak, and the doctor, psychologist or teacher that you guard inside will wake up.

We offer a neo-shamanic experience with the Master plant Ayahuasca


In this meeting, you connect with your capability to “locate" or to "diagnose" the reasons of our state of discomfort and conflict. In this experience of search of the interior GOD-TEACHER, the door opens in order to integrate the spiritual reality in our life and to receive the support of our spiritual guides. The "medicine" is in ourselves; Let's discover it and live in connection and harmony with our nature. This is thus an appointment with the great shaman, who lives in the deepest of our being; this is the Interior Teacher that we all go latently.

What is the trance or ecstatic delirium?


For the Psychology, the ecstatic trance is an exit of the ego out of their regular limits. It is an extraordinary STATE OF AWAKENED CONSCIOUS, determined by the sentiment and characterized by the internal bliss, directing the awakened consciousness -understood as CAPACITY TO KNOW- towards the subjective dimensions of the mental world. The ecstatic trance, mental process, just leads to an alternative cognitive state. This form of extraordinary awareness has been, and it is lived by the man as the highest manifestation of the union with divinity or with the world animist culturally defined. These states of trance are processes and cognitive dialog states, in the sense that the conscience of humanity seems to be able to discern each of the characters we carry in our psyche.

Therapy of the magic flight


The soul (or what is known as Subconscious-soul) leaves the body to tackle ascensions to the Sky, to join sacred zones, from where it is possible TO BE REBORN spiritually and self-heal. This way the initiation takes place which is also a healing or self- psychotherapeutic dialog conscious.

The trip of regression or deep psychodelic introspection.


The fundamental thing to enjoy a very good physical and mental health, is TO FULLY KNOW ONESELF. To this respect, the therapy of regression unblocks traumas, fears, phobias, emotional blockades implanted in our subconscious in our infancy, intrauterine life or even previous possible lives which represent our trends and current limitations. Each of us has come to the life to discover and to develop the inherent learning in our own evolutionary line. We exist to discover which is our personal aim; and to know which are the correct decisions that we must take in our daily life.

This operation, which seems to be so simple, is precisely, the exercise of an innate faculty that makes us wonderfully worthy; this is the most important visionary voyage, of cosmological, anthropologic, psychological, philosophical, artistic and entheodelic character. It is about a spiritual tour of major transcendence that you can live in the life. This one is an experience without barriers that one prolongs beyond the limits of the daily conscience, is the ascent to the most secret corners of our infinite thought. It is the psychonautic adventure that will be had by the cyber-roads: terrestrial, aquatic, maritime and air-telepathic, of our SUPER-COSMIC-CONSCIOUS.